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August 11, 2009

All change

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So … this is kind of terrifying.

M’Pocket Tank and I recently came to the realisation that we blogged in rather similar styles about rather similar things. Add this to the fact that we are pretty much co-dependent in WoW anyway and … yes, as you can surely see, there was only one logical way forward. We’re getting married. We’re starting a joint blog.

For what it’s worth, I see this very much as a continuation of what I’ve started here at In My Sissy Robe and what M’Pocket Tank has been doing over at I Deathard. It’s a new blog only in the sense that it has a different name, in order to better reflect its slighter wider remit and the fact it has two authors rather than one. Oh and the furnishings are slightly different but I insisted on my right to a splash of sissy robe purple.

I am genuinely sad to be leaving this blog and putting aside the sissy robe name under which I first discovered the blogsphere. But the sissy robe of a man lies in his heart, not in his words and I assure you there will be plenty of sissy robe action over at the new place.

I’ve also managed to import from here, and I Deathtard, our old posts, and more importantly, all the fantastic comments people have left me which, frankly, I value far more than anything else on the site.

Anyway, this is already far too much preamble. Please update your blogrolls, bookmarks and feedreaders, for Tamarind and his Pocket Tank are now the Righteous Orbs.

We’re still basically moving in over there, so there are the blogging equivalents of cardboard boxes and trailing wires scattered about the place. Do be careful not to trip over anything but we are in residence and having a blogwarming party. There are virtual twiglets and everything.

Also for anyone thinking about upgrading to their own site my advice is: run away screaming now while you still can. Okay, so that’s slightly pessimistic. But I have been in wordpress-hell for the past week, shedding sanity like confetti. Seriously, any seemingly straightforward change you attempt to make would inevitably lead to a cascade of DISASTER AND WOE that sweep over the nascent site like an avalanche, destroying everything in its path, including the bits I thought I got fucking working only about five fucking minutes ago. Thankfully I have coding-savvy friends were able to take the chainsaw from my trembling hands and sort the particularly knotty aspects of it all out for me.

WordPress is not a friendly creature. It is feral, and it hates you, and it has no aggro-table.

And as for comment threading… *weeps tears of blood*

Even now Righteous Orbs looks just a little bit like 2fps but, dammit, it’s the only WordPress site in the known universe that doesn’t stuck and, anyway, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … right?

So I shall bid you all farewell … and hopefully greet you again very soon.


May 30, 2009

a brief intermission

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Your humble narrator has gone to Vienna for the week so will not be narrating any WoW exploits for the moment.

Or if he is, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.

May 28, 2009


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Here is a brief, entertaining diversion from my hemo and bitching: How To Instance Like  Dick.


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