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June 13, 2009

Oh frabjous day!

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Calloo callay, the curse of Utgarde Keep is broken.  Broken!

I fiddled around for some considerable time with my UI this morning, which had a psychological effect if nothing else, rather like the way rearranging all the furniture in your living room makes you think you suddenly have much more space than you did previously.

Actually, speaking of UIs I had a really peculiar experience the other day.  I logged into a character I don’t play very much, so all my addons were still disarranged in the wake of the last patch.  And I spent a good few minutes staring blankly at the screen wondering what that strange, vast, visible thing was in front of me before recognising, finally … the game world.

But, yes, I finally healed through UK and without having to do anything drastic like buy a bunch of epics or, err, level to 80 first.  It was a very satisfying feeling, although I would also claim belated because – hemo aside – I am not an especially poor player, nor so very under-geared.   I think it’s just too many failPUGs in a row can make you doubt yourself.  Today’s PUG was perfectly adequate and the tank was actively good (I love youuuuuu random tank).  Flush with success we attempted Nexus afterwards but were dogged by the inevitable, depressing vagaries of PUGs.  The whole team bar myself and one of the mages had rolled over by the time we finally dithered to the first boss, whereupon the tank had to leave as well.  She was very apologetic about it, which always eases the blow, but by that stage we had already re-configured the group so many times we didn’t have the heart to try again.

This made us silly.

“It’s okay!” said the shadow priest, “I’ll tank as discipline!  Look at my hp!”

“Great!” I said, getting into the spirit of the thing, “I’m holy.  I’ll off-tank.”

“I’ll heal!” chimed in the mage.

And then the shadow priest charged Grand Magus Telestra.

It probably wouldn’t have been the sort of thing I would ever have dared to do unless I was in a group of friends (one person’s fun, after all, may be another’s repair bill) but I admired the frivolity of spirit and exuberance that led her to actually carry the joke through.

So, one after the other, we charged into battle.

And, well, we wiped.

But not as quickly as we should have, which was, in itself, something to be proud of.

“I just couldn’t hold aggro on those mobs,” mourned the shadow priest, as we jogged, giggling, back to our corpses.


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