standing at the back in my sissy robe

June 13, 2009

now people will take me seriously

Filed under: Real Men Wear Purple — Tamarind @ 5:50 pm

I prefer not to spam my own blog with over-enthusiasm but I think Tam has surpassed himself.

I don’t think he’s ever looked quite this superlatively stupid in all his 72 levels of being a badly dressed holy priest.

This includes time spent wandering around, proudly sporting the bad mojo mask (yes, I know I could have turned it off on the interface menu but where would have been the fun in that), the much-maligned sissy robe, of course, which I’m pretty sure was purple and, of course, the hat that made him look like a gay bus conductor.

Happy days.

But I still think is the top of the trees, cream of the crop, National gallery, Garbo’s salary of pure sartorial absurdity.


Fear my flowers.

Fear them.



  1. after stalking you down on wow armory to see what those flowers were (to find youve replaced them with some book, grrr!!) i noticed something about your spec…

    that being the lack of meditation in the discipline tree.

    Now, feel free to ignore this since i realise you’re not asking for advice, but after trying (and failing) to heal UK on my holy priest back at 70, i really didn’t know what i was doing wrong because i was always running out of mana and stuff.

    then my friend told me about meditation. And i can say that it is without a doubt the single most important talent for any priest serious about healing. After picking that up, I blasted through UK with mana out the wazzoo 😛

    If you are (understandably) naturally scornful about advice coming from the internets, please just give a spec with 3/3 meditation a go! Like a condom that adds an extra 2 inches, even people under-endowed in the mana bar department will find that meditation lets them do a whole lot more before they run out of steam 😀

    Hmmmm i kinda wish there were condoms that did that now >.<

    but that's a different matter entirely 😛

    Comment by uke — June 15, 2009 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

    • Wow, I’ve never been stalked before. I’m flattered.

      The WoW armory page isn’t up-to-date (Last Updated: June 8, 2009) – the book was tossed aside in favour of the Awesome Flowers of Awesome (that is not their official title, I’ll look that up next time I log in so that we all may experience the joy of flowers as an off-hand weapon. I’m sure some cow gave them to me…

      And holy shit I wasn’t paying attention, I was actually speccing down into meditation but I’ve just realised *my maths is wrong*. Oh noes! I’m actually rushing for a respec *right now*, flowers streaming in the wind behind me.

      Thank you for the advice, and don’t worry at all about offering it. I’m an advice slut, I’ll take it from anywhere 😉 Seriously, though, it’s entirely sound and I’m grateful. My WoW vanity is reserved for flowers and purple robes, and I suspect priortising meditation will help Tam with his performance anxiety.

      Comment by Tamarind — June 15, 2009 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

    • My flowers are Suntouched apparently – and terribly pretty they are too.

      Also I just respecced prioritising meditation. I think because I was healing so many instances when I was levelling I was just desperate for moar healing stuffs that I was trying to get as deep into holy as possible, but this is ultimately a much more sensible build I think.

      Your good deed for the day 😉

      Comment by Tamarind — June 15, 2009 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

  2. […] mean the stats, I mean the important stuff.  I mean, how it looks.  Last weekend I posted a picture of Tam sporting his most deadly off-hand weapon yet.  I think part of the reason the pretty bouquet looks […]

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