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June 12, 2009

posts that made me go hmmmmm

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I’m still not entirely sure what possessed to me start WoW-blogging, let alone sustain it.  Masochism possibly.

But I will say this: it’s  definitely more interesting now I’ve taken the time to look beyond my own naval.  So, I guess as a way to perpetuate that (looking outwards, I mean, not my naval, fascinating though it is), I’m going to do a Friday round up of Posts I found Interesting.

I came in at the end of a really intriguing shared discussion topic, suggested over at Blog Azeroth by Nigiri on non-healers opinions of healers.  Possibly it’s mere vainglory on my part but it’s genuinely interesting to get some insight into the view from the other side of the fence.  The majority of the responses came from tanks, which makes perfectly sense really.  I mean if you’re DPSing even remotely intelligently you’d be forgiven for saying “wait, there’s a healer in this party?” because there’s so little interaction twixt DPS and healer.

It was, however, gratifying to note how many tanks simply plumped for “I don’t care what flavour you come in, I just love you guys for keeping me alive.”  This is, I suspect, a reciprocal sentiment.  I have no particular preference for the type of tank who Courageously Gets Hit In The Face So The Rest Of US May Live, although I am instinctively prejudiced against DKs and, if you’re a skinny guy in a robe, there’s something deeply reassuring about a big bear butt waggling away in front of you.  Or maybe that’s just me.  But these preferences are so entirely superficial they hardly merit the label ‘preferences’.  There is, of course, That Guy but he’s another story…

I did like the amusingly written DPS take on the matter over at Fel Deeds.  It vindicates my Warlock Anxiety.  I always find healing when there’s a warlock in the group a little nerve-wracking because I’m never sure if they’ve actually taken damage or are merely self-harming for shits and giggles (or life-tapping as they call it over there).  And I like this post about tank/healer chemistry over at Aggro Junkie because it articulated something that ought to be blisteringly obvious but usually goes unacknowledged in a flurry of number crunching. It’s peculiar to think of a virtual space as having “chemistry” but Misneach is right, it does and it’s important.  It also means I can look back on all those times I’ve healed rather badly, shrug say to myself “the chemistry wasn’t there.”

On a more frivolous note, here are pictures of  a baby tree which may just the cutest thing I’ve seen this week, including the footage of a kitten getting squashed by a pillow someone forwarded to me when I was in a bad mood.

And, finally, Temi over at I Deathard has a typically sardonic post on reactions to the mount changes in 3.2.  I’ve read a fair few posts on this subject lately and most of them have been marked by sanity, with everyone acknowledging that the instinctive response of “well, I had to walk across the Barrens barefoot and alone under the scorching sun so you should too” is irrational (albeit compelling).  But, as ever the-resource-formerly-known-as-wow-insider is flooded with selfish whining disguised as righteous outrage about Dumbing It Down For The Casuals or Ruining The Expanses of Character Building Tedium That Made The Game Great.  WoW has changed so much, in size, scope and focus (and its player base alongside it) since its inception that mounts have gone from being leveling milestone “rewards” to basic utilities that are utterly necessary to be able to play the game effectively.  These days, being mountless in WoW is the equivalent of being in Milton Keynes without a car.



  1. Hmph. Bah. Show me a sproutling being squashed by a pillow and I might, just be impressed.

    (*waves it in the air like she just don’t care*)

    PS – you were in a bad mood?? I had NO IDEA!

    Comment by Claire — June 12, 2009 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

    • Hehe. I was in a slightly meh mood, but I’m just so charming you didn’t notice.

      Comment by Tamarind — June 14, 2009 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

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