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June 8, 2009

UK is the New Ramps

Filed under: Sweets for the Sweet — Tamarind @ 4:02 pm

I’m back, not that I can imagine was weeping into their keyboard during my absence.

In a small round up of news:

1)   Vienna is a beautiful, melancholy city with a remarkably effective public transport system; I wish I was still there.

2)   I have followed the advice I have received in comments, got off my sissy-robe clad arse and joined a (reasonably casual) guild.  Hopefully this will not be the kiss of death for said guild.

3)   The UK curse is contagious; m’pocket tank attempted to run it while I was away and there was much pain comedy pain.  So beware, all ye, beware.

4)   I am inching out very slowly into the WoW blogsphere, as evinced by the expanding selection of links in my sidebar.  Perhaps Vienna has merely made me more aware than usual of the transience of, y’know, everything but there seems to be a twilight air to WoW-related writings at the moment – lots of very well established old blogs are closing down and new ones are but mere sputtering candle flames.  It doesn’t help that the remainder mainly serve to remind me that I’m slightly out-of-step with the majority of the community, and my preoccupations are perhaps the preoccupations of a younger WoW community.  I’ve played a fair bit of the game but I’m hardly a grizzled old veteran and truthfully every time I see the word “tier” my eyes glaze over (thankfully this makes the word “tier” more difficult to see, so it’s a self-correcting problem).

5)   I was also clicking about randomly, as is my wont, and ran across a rather sweet guide to WoW blogging over at Resto4Life. By some miraculous power of my own I appear to have behaved in a precisely contrary fashion to everything recommended.  This is surely some sort acheivement.


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